A small update on some things.

First of all, I just have the urge to let you followers know, that my KittenShop is doing pretty well. It does not make me rich, but that is something I never expected. I opened the shop to hopefully, give some of my kittens new owners. Even though they are pixels, it would hurt me to just throw them away as a piece of trash. I sell them for affordable prices (no box will cost more than 100L$), and here’s the news………I recently hired a small stall at The Kat Shack, a place where many people try to sell their boxes. 

2013-12-22 KatShack_002

And although I just started there, I have sold 3 boxes already, which covers the rent I pay for, to have the stall *smiles*. Not bad I would say, since there is so much choice of kitten boxes.

And then there still are hunts going on or will start soon, or even are almost finished. I finished the Peace on Earth hunt, but regardless of what I do or what I don’t do, I could not find the item that should be hidden in NYA’s Shop. I have been back several times, and looked carefully, and cammed every item there, but still……nothing! The hint being given did not help me either, it says: “If you plant yourself in the right place it will be obvious”.

2013-12-22 POE hunt_001

Each time when I get there, the TP ‘plants me in this place’, and then I start searching…..always with no result. Maybe it is because I am blonde (lame excuse), or it is, the shop-owner is a genius in hiding the globe, I end up going back home with empty hands. Anyway, I am anxious to know if there is someone out there who actually found the globe (number 127). But then, missing one out of 207 is not bad at all *smiles*.

Rectification regarding POE # 127: Because of using the LM that came with the gift # 126, I was always sent to the wrong shop, where, obvious now, there was no gift hidden. If I used the LM from the hunting guide website, which you can find under 127, then everything would have made sense and with the hint given, the item can be found. The gift can be found here (thank you Joyz Writer).

2013-12-24 rectification POE 127_001

And then, last but not least, the Advent hunt is almost coming to an end. Most of them end on December 24, so that means 2 pick ups and a wait till next year. It is not that I go by every Advent calendar, just a few places I pick up the gifts. I want to thank all the people who are so generous to take part in the hunts and give the hunters their nice gifts. I know, it is advertisement for them, which is necessary because there is a lot of competition (friendly competition). I surely discovered some great new (for me) shops on the grid. So       THANK YOU EVERYONE!

2013-12-12 XMASCARD oude foto


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2 thoughts on “A small update on some things.

  1. Joyz Writer

    #127 Is Orage Creations – the original LM was wrong… I had no problem locating at


    • Thank you for solving this puzzle. The hint now indeed makes sense and I found the gift. I kept on using the LM that came with the gift of # 126 instead of the one on the Hunter Guide website.

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